We solve interference problems in mobile networks

ISCO solutions improve mobile network performance by automatically removing many types of interference.

Our software applications condition the RF link between the base station and the subscriber device to cancel interference and improve signal quality. With tens of thousands of deployments under our belt, our products and solutions are proven to improve throughput, increase network accessibility and deliver more capacity.

ISCO’s patented algorithms apply artificial intelligence to automatically identify interference, detect the type of interference (PIM, narrowband, wideband) and use digital signal processing techniques to cancel interference and noise.

  • PIM Cancellation

  • Interference Cancellation

  • SINR Optimization

  • RF Filtering

PIM caused by Physical, Environmental and Spectrum Conditions

Signals from multiple transmitters can interact and create Passive Intermodulation (PIM) that degrades the uplink signal, coverage and overall network performance. The PIM problem is growing as networks evolve with more frequency bands being deployed. Our solution cancels PIM, regardless of its source.

PIM Cancellation

New and Noteworthy

Calculate impact of PIM on the uplink  

New PIM Calculator shows IM3/IM5/IM7/Triple Beat

ISCO's new online PIM Calculator shows how transmit frequencies mix to create PIM in the uplink, affecting throughput, carried traffic, and other KPIs. Quickly see the results of these mathematical combinations, including triple beat, in a clear graphical and tabular display.

Dynamic Spectrum Recovery logo

Interference ruins network performance and robs capacity.  Dynamic Spectrum Recovery, our newest software network function, uses artificial intelligence to cancel all types of non-cellular narrow and wideband interference without losing valuable spectrum.


What’s your interference issue?