About ISCO

The Best at Resolving Wireless Interference

ISCO is a privately held company headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, USA. Our proven solutions are used by mobile network operators worldwide. Since 1989 we have brought to the wireless industry a suite of highly differentiated technologies and solutions to mobile operators, network infrastructure providers and other resellers for interference management.

What We Do

Our solutions improve the wireless network by automatically removing many types of interference to increase network capacity and improve the customer experience. They are software applications with embedded algorithms to condition the wireless link between the cell site and the customer equipment.

With a track record spanning tens of thousands of deployments, our solutions are proven to improve throughput, increase network accessibility and deliver more capacity available to carry traffic.

ISCO’s expertise in interference management is backed by patented innovations that apply AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically identify interference, detect the type of interference (PIM, narrowband, wideband) and use digital signal processing algorithms to condition and improve the wireless connection.

Our Engineering Expertise

ISCO has a long history of technology development and innovation. Originally founded based on superconducting technology from Argonne National Laboratory, ISCO has continued to develop and bring to market a wide variety of leading-edge signal processing algorithms designed to improve network performance.

ISCO develops its algorithms to detect, identify and label the various types of interference experienced by all types of wireless networks, and to automatically apply the appropriate removal or conditioning mechanism.

Crain's Eureka List of the Most Innovative Companies in Chicago validates ISCO's innovation and investment in R&D. ISCO has made Crain's Innovation List for several years through continuous patent development.

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