Partnering with ISCO

We value the diverse ecosystem that supports the wireless industry’s extraordinary growth. Please contact us at if you’re interested in discussing general partnership opportunities.

NFV and O-RAN Partners

Our software and hardware architecture supports NFV and MEC architectures for the 5G RAN. ISCO software can be virtualized over COTS servers; alternatively third-party applications can be installed and deployed on our x86 Linux-based hardware platform. These two scenarios are illustrated below:

ISCO server with your network functions

network functions

The ProteusCPRI is a Linux-based x86 server with FPGA accelerator cards for low-latency digital signal processing. With our connection to the CPRI uplink, your value-added network functions will have access to the RF I/Q data stream from the radio unit.

ISCO virtualized network functions

virtualized network functions

Our network functions are virtualized and can be bundled with other VNFs and deployed on COTS servers. A network orchestrator can control and create new instances of our VNFs on demand. 

Want to learn more? Read our MEC Program paper to get the technical details.

Interference Hunting Partners

Our interference cancellation solutions help the interference hunting process by immediately improving performance while interference sources are hunted and removed. Download our app note to learn how easy it is to add ISCO to your process.

Resellers and Distributors

Precision Marketing Services, Inc.

PMi represents ISCO products in the U.S. east of the Rocky Mountains

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