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The growth of public and private LTE and 5G wireless networks coupled with using new and more spectrum, demands new techniques to transmit and receive radio signals. Improving the performance of wireless infrastructure and user devices to increase signal propagation, avoid and reduce many types of interference and PIM, increase the reliability of the radio link, and improve MIMO communications are all benefits possible with the use of software with current ISCO digital signal processing algorithms and new Fortis™ technology.

Our innovations are protected by patents worldwide, and we’re proud to be recognized as an innovator in the wireless industry which is so important to everyday life for all people. Crain’s Chicago Business publishes an annual list of Chicago’s Most Innovative Companies based on the number and quality of patents granted, and ISCO has been included in this list for eight consecutive years.

ISCO patents fall into three main categories:


This portfolio includes patents related to the detection, mitigation, and elimination of RF interference in a communications system. ISCO products using these patents have been used by mobile network operators to improve performance, coverage, and capacity of their mobile Radio Access Networks.

PIM (Passive InterModulation) and SINR Optimization

This portfolio includes patents related to RF interference created by PIM and specific techniques that condition and optimize the RF link (i.e., improve the signal-to-noise ratio). Associated ISCO products have been field-proven by mobile network operators to eliminate PIM without requiring knowledge of the source and to improve capacity by optimizing SINR using a closed-loop system.


This portfolio builds on ISCO’s proven leadership in improving wireless performance by applying new techniques to transmit and receive radio signals beyond interference management. ISCO's Fortis patent portfolio covers ideas and potential products that capitalize on polarization properties of PIM sources to increase signal propagation, better isolate MIMO communication streams, and improve link budget and overall signal quality. The specific electromagnetic properties of the propagating RF signal can be leveraged in many different wireless applications to improve the performance of the network and result in higher peak speeds for data, greater channel capacity, and better wireless link quality and reliability.

Fortis technology can be realized in passive hardware, software, or embedded in semiconductors and other elements of wireless networks. It can be applied to antenna and MIMO antenna arrays, handsets, baseband units, radios, and practically any device or component that facilitates the transmission and reception of radio frequencies.

The aforementioned descriptions of the ISCO patents are illustrative and not an
interpretation of the claimed subject matter of any patents in the ISCO patent portfolio.

Patent Licensing

Interested in licensing our patents? While our innovations were developed for 5G-related products, some have applicability well beyond 5G. Let's talk.