Spectrum Monitor
Spectrum Insight Pro Tools

Our spectrum tools provide real-time visibility for wireless spectrum health. Powerful analytics enable deep dives into interference levels and events.

Spectrum Tools

Optimizing RF performance starts with spectrum visibility and insights

ISCO's Spectrum Monitor brings real-time visibility across all of the RF paths. Users can see what is really happening in the spectrum even viewing multiple paths at once, and record the views for later analysis.

SpectrumInsight ProTools™ can combine interference records and other logs to create sophisticated statistical analysis of interference impacting network performance.

Combined, these tools provide a unique vision into the operation of the network. Unlike heat maps which show all RF energy, ISCO's spectrum visibility tools are like x-ray goggles, looking through the dynamic LTE signals coming and going to be able to identify interference, even if that interference is intermittent. These are powerful tools in the hands of RF engineers to quickly identify RF issues and respond effectively.

Typical Use Cases

  • Quick identification of problem frequencies and paths enables faster diagnosis
  • Comprehensive view of full spectrum on multiple RF paths simplifies monitoring responsibility
  • Confirm normal signal level after ISCO conditioning
  • Create custom markers, triggers and alerts
  • Track high-power events
  • Remote access from anywhere

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