ISCO Products

All our products have a single purpose: to improve performance in mobile networks

Software Applications

c-ONE PIM Manager automatically detects and eliminates internal and external PIM, regardless of its source. Many sources of external PIM are difficult to identify or eliminate, so the c-ONE PIM Manager can save time and valuable resources in challenging situations.

Dynamic Spectrum Recovery uses patented AI technology to dynamically identify and remove non-cellular interferers and incompatible mobile network signals - whether they be narrowband or wideband sources of interference

Link Conditioning

Link Conditioning raises SINR (signal to noise & interference ratio) by removing noise and interference, which leads to higher peak data rates, improved capacity, and better cell edge performance.

Spectrum Monitor provides real-time visibility into RF conditions on the uplink. Operating like a sophisticated, remote spectrum analyzer, you can see the effects of PIM, co-channel interference, and gain insight into adjacent RF signals.

Hardware Platform

All of our software applications are installed on the ProteusCPRI server. This Linux-based, x86 server comes with DSP acceleration cards in order to keep latency at an absolute minimum while processing the CPRI signal. One server supports up to 12 CPRI links simultaneously to cover multiple bands in a typical 3-sector site.

RF Filtering

Our custom filters, combiners, diplexers, duplexers and other RF passives are installed at the cell site and are optimized for size, performance and price.

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