Our custom filters, combiners, and other RF passives are optimized for size, performance and price.

Specialized, Custom Designs

Each cell site has different challenges that can't always be met with off-the-shelf products. ISCO's VerdiumĀ® RF Performance products include filters, duplexers, diplexers, amplifiers, combiners and other components designed to solve your specific interference issue. We support unique configurations of equipment to help mobile operators improve sensitivity, combine signals, maximize selectivity and reduce the noise floor in all types of integration situations.

Typical Use Cases

Here are some situations where Verdium products have helped networks perform to their full potential:

  • Combining frequencies to minimize the number of antennas
  • Combatting high RSSI in specific bands/carriers caused by public safety, digital TV, and other noisy neighbors
  • Providing premium protection to specific carriers in a DAS system
  • Improving the noise floor without losing sensitivity
  • Preventing OOBE (out-of-band emissions) to meet regulatory requirements

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