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ISCO is a leader at developing and delivering solutions to detect, identify and manage many types of interference conditions in wireless networks.  Building on this foundation, ISCO is now introducing its new Fortis™ technologies that can be applied to wireless applications beyond interference.  ISCO patented technologies are realized in hardware, software, and can be embedded in semiconductors and other elements of wireless networks.

Backed by a strong commitment to R&D, ISCO innovates continuously to expand our product line and technology assets to deliver products for our mobile network operator customers and license agreements with wireless product manufacturers.

Our patent portfolio covers interference and PIM detection, mitigation and removal, and signal processing for 3G, 4G and 5G communication systems.  Our newest Fortis patents and intellectual property can be implemented in hardware, software or semiconductors, and can be applied to antenna and antenna arrays, handsets, baseband units, radios, and practically any device or component that facilitates the transmission and reception of radio frequencies.

Crain’s Chicago Business publishes an annual list of Chicago’s Most Innovative Companies based on the number and quality of patents granted, and ISCO has been recognized in this list for many years in a row.

This page provides notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a) for ISCO products and associated patents listed below.  Additional patents may be pending.

Patent Portfolio

as of 5/1/2024


patents awarded


patents pending

ISCO 4G/5G Products

Patents Awarded

c-ONE PIM Manager

US10,652,835             US10,952,155             US11,277,803                US10,812,121
US11,362,693              US10,284,313             US10,594,416               US10,833,783
US11,184,094               other patents are pending

Link Conditioning®

US9,794,888               US10,244,483            US10,506,526               US10,820,282
US9,668,223               US9,912,433              US10,097,301                US10,512,044
US10,834,683              US11,330,531              US9,775,116                  US10,039,061
US10,231,190               US10,575,260             US10,959,185                US10,178,628
US10,687,284              US11,197,247               DE60 2016 028 687.4    EP3,292,642
US10,609,651              US10,834,684             US11,412,457                 US9,986,512
US10,425,903              other patents are pending

PurePass® and Dynamic Spectrum Recovery

US8,989,235               US9,214,983                 US10,187,190               US10,798,718
US11,166,288                US9,319,916                 US9,832,000              US10,327,255
US10,904,890              DE60 2014 046 853.5   EP2,974,439               US9,313,680
US9,634,819                US10,420,114                 other patents are pending


US10,523,252              US10,979,093                US10,491,252              US10,979,092                        other patents are pending

ISCO's patent portfolio is available for licensing. Please contact us to discuss.

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