PIM Calculator

Need to quickly check whether multiple carriers or frequency bands may be mixing and causing PIM interference?

Use this tool to calculate the frequencies and bandwidths of the passive intermodulation products IM3, IM5, and IM7. Triple beat PIM products - the result of three carriers mixing - is also calculated if a third carrier frequency is entered.

Any PIM products that fall within your receive band will be flagged.

Results are graphed and also presented in a table.

How to use the ISCO PIM Calculator

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How to Use the PIM Calculator

It's easy to get started: just enter two transmit frequencies (F1, F2). The frequencies of the PIM products will be calculated and displayed. F1 and F2 are the minimum inputs needed to use the ISCO PIM Calculator.

But there's more. To check for triple beat PIM, enter a third frequency (F3).

Higher order PIM products like IM7 can have a wide bandwidth. Enter the bandwidths of F1 and F2 to calculate the PIM bandwidths.

Finally, to check if any PIM products land in the uplink, enter your receive band frequency and bandwidth.

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