RCR Wireless Report “Spectrum monitoring, testing and analysis” Features Insight from ISCO and Other Spectrum Experts

August 11

The radio environment is getting ever more complex and crowded, as new technologies, new devices and new spectrum bands come into play.  Meanwhile, dynamic spectrum sharing is becoming the new paradigm for policy as regulators seek to promote more efficient use of scarce spectrum resources.

Advanced cellular technologies are more dependent than ever on clear channels in order to produce the gains in efficiency and performance that operators desire, but adding billions of new internet of things devices may raise the noise floor.  All of this adds up to challenges in system design and the need for better, faster, cheaper and easier ways to understand the RF environment, locate and address sources of interference.

This report recently released by RCR Wireless looks at factors impacting interference in wireless networks, strategies for dealing with interference and how the roles of industry and government are shifting.

You will learn:

  • Current approaches and developments in spectrum interference detection and monitoring.
  • Industry trends that are impacting the need for spectrum monitoring as well as technical challenges.

You can download the report from RCR Wireless here:

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