Taking the fear out of interFEARence

October 31

Mobile network interference can be very, very SCARY indeed. Not just on Halloween.

Like a ghost, it’s invisible. You don’t know where it’s coming from, nor when it’ll show up. When it manifests, all kinds of things can go haywire. Your cell site starts acting erratically and starts dropping calls. Data throughput takes a dive. And like a ghost, sometimes it stays to haunt your cell tower. Sometimes it makes sporadic visits in the wee hours. Occasionally it just disappears without a trace.

Some even consider interference to be a portal to the murky and mysterious RF dimension, a world of analog signals governed as much by science as by the dark arts.

At ISCO, we are not scared by mobile network interference. We’re the Ghostbusters of RF interference, armed with the most advanced algorithms that will tame, control, or eradicate all manner of pesky interference. With thousands of cell site installations under our belt, we are not afraid. And you don’t need to be either.

So next time interference impacts your cell site, who’re you going call? Ghostbusters (aka ISCO).

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