ISCO Joins O-RAN Alliance

November 12

ISCO is pleased to announce it has joined the O-RAN Alliance. Recognized as the industry leader of PIM and wideband interference cancellation solutions, ISCO’s patented algorithms and technology will now be available to equipment and solution providers for use in RRUs, O-RAN Radios, DUs and other in-line components of the O-RAN and 4G/5G RAN networks. 

Based on a wide deployment of ISCO solutions with subsequent analysis of sector performance before and after interference is cancelled, it is consistent that site coverage, throughput rates and or carried traffic improve on average 10% but can be as high as 100% or more based on conditions after noise rise is reduced using ISCO cancellation technology.

As more spectrum comes online with more cell sites and small cells being turned up, interference, PIM and other types of spectral impairments will continue to grow and become more common. Automatically detecting and cancelling interference will be a standard capability of radios and other components of the O-RAN. Using existing ISCO software and intellectual property, RAN solution providers can now more quickly and cost effectively embed cancellation to improve the efficiency and performance of their products without years of costly development.

ISCO technology is already proven with its solutions deployed throughout the United States addressing a variety of PIM and interference challenges. ISCO’s software technology is currently deployed using common off-the-shelf servers installed in the RAN and is now available to RAN and O-RAN equipment and system providers. As part of any agreement, ISCO will port its software and intellectual property onto 4G & 5G radios, DUs and network switches that will be deployed in RAN and O-RAN systems, saving cost and space while delivering a complete suite of interference and PIM cancellation capabilities.

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