Our Most Effective PIM and Interference Management Delivered in New Software Release

November 15

ISCO International is pleased to announce the latest evolution of its ProteusCPRI solutions to software release 4.6 which improves the effectiveness of PIM and interference management, and enhances security, among other capabilities.  ISCO’s patented “blind” PIM algorithms have been fine-tuned over several years with knowledge gained from field deployments across the U.S.   Our algorithms are unique in that they do not require knowledge of the transmit signals that are causing the PIM.  Once installed, ISCO’s ProteusCPRI solution immediately and continuously monitors for signals causing significant harm to the uplink and reduces the resulting impact of PIM and many other types of interference.

ISCO’s latest software includes the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced technique of profiling PIM interference so the degrading effects from the interference in the uplink signal can be avoided
  • Removed HTTP support to ensure only HTTPS is used for improved security
  • Optimized operation of the optional Optical Bypass Switch when 5G carriers are present
  • Various Web UI enhancements for ease of use

Additional recently released benefits include:

  • Increased support from 8 AxCs to 12 AxCs per CPRI link for more interference and PIM management per server
  • Spectrum Insight RSSI Impact Report showing impact of cancellation to RSSI
  • Expands support to 5G NR and NR SA carriers

Beyond ISCO’s ProteusCPRI product, ISCO’s algorithms for PIM and interference management can be licensed for delivery as software for devices such as chips, radios, antennas…anything that has a receiver and benefits from a clean wireless signal.  At ISCO we have a deep understanding of the many types of interference that affect wireless communications.  Our patented, adaptive algorithms automatically identify interference, detect the type of interference (PIM, narrowband, wideband) and apply digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to eliminate interference and noise and deliver a high-quality network for communication service providers and their customers.

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